Software I know: Salesforce, G Suite, Access

Software developer and project manager with significant accomplishments in database administration, user training, multi-stakeholder budgeting, coordination and implementation of technology projects, developer/vendor management, and effective multi-channel communication.

Leadership and Work Experience

Database Systems Analyst

Jewish Education Center of Cleveland (JECC), directs & provides support for local Jewish education in Cleveland, OH

Oct 2015 — September 2018

  • Developing new databases from scratch, replacing decades-old systems that rely on paper, email, and Microsoft Access ‘97. Carefully transitioning staff, school administrators, teachers, and parents to the new systems.
  • Designing new data-management techniques for grants management, program evaluation, school enrollment statistics, and community outreach that are sustainable for the future.
  • Advising staff and help them define their needs based on their current work styles and long term priorities.
  • Building consensus amongst colleagues by balancing their different learning and working styles, concerns and desires, with the need to move steadfastly forward.
  • Collect and analyze Enrollment Statistics for all local Jewish schools and programs.
  • Maintain website.

Project Analyst and Manager

Consulting with a variety of nonprofit clients

April 2015 — Present, Remote

  • Conducted client assessments to determine their critical business needs and underlying challenges.
  • Gathered clients' technical requirements and developed detailed system requests, work plans, and timelines.
  • Facilitated discussions between business team and database vendors, ensuring aligned interests.
  • Produced simultaneous deliverables to multiple clients, on-time and on-budget.

Technology Manager

Repair the World, making volunteerism a defining element of American Jewish life

July 2013 — April 2015 in New York, NY

  • Developed new IT infrastructure and resources to support a national, multi-site organization while managing concurrent projects. All projects met the priorities of multiple stakeholders.
  • Implemented, oversaw, and maintained technology organization-wide for: 30 staff and 40 full-time volunteers in five cities, including 60 computers, 54 mobile devices, three websites, two databases, and one file server.
  • Directed database project from inception through daily administration: allocated budget, researched and selected vendors, customized system, built reports, and trained staff and full-time volunteers, enabling them to train others. When priorities changed, restarted and completed process on a shortened timeline.
  • Managed 46 vendor relationships, regularly evaluated vendor effectiveness, negotiated contracts, researched new vendors, pruned existing vendors, allocated budgets up to $50,000, and paid vendors on time.
  • Mentored colleagues on all aspects of technology: solved common technical challenges, developed and executed long-term plans to create self sufficiency.
  • Advised managers and directors: helped them define their needs, proposed and implemented standardized policies and technology throughout organization, ensured projects fit budgetary and organizational priorities.
  • Mitigated crises with professionalism and efficiency: from board meeting A/V issues to host migration.

Campus Systems Director and Project Manager

AIPAC, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, America's Pro-Israel Lobby

December 2011 — April 2013 in Washington, DC

  • Managed multiple simultaneous projects including department adoption of, event operations and registration for thousands of students, and mass email mobilization campaigns. Each project had many collaborators who were constantly informed, trained, and supported as the projects developed.
  • Assessed and translated coworkers' database requirements into technical specifications, leading to successful departmental implementation of CRM (Salesforce) and integration into organization's data management structure.
  • Developed and managed registration and application processes throughout the year, including: 300 applicants for a competitive internship program, 2,000 students (over 15% of the attendees) at a conference, and 1,200 participants in three other yearly seminars.
  • Orchestrated communications for mass email mobilization campaigns. Identified over 10,000 activists from disparate sources; drafted, tested, and optimized an eight-part campaign, resulting in open rates of over 36%.
  • Managed and trained 15 interns during academic year, coordinating with departmental and regional supervisors.

Social Media and Web Communications Strategy Consultant

PresenTense, incubator for Jewish social entrepreneurs

May 2011 — August 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel

  • Collaborated with team to create an effective social media plan for 30 fellows. Fostered an environment where participants felt personally invested in the organization's digital properties, leading to higher engagement.
  • Synthesized early concepts for eLearning initiative into a comprehensive request for proposal outlining the organization's ideal platform and sustained rapid growth.

Mentor, Teacher, Tutor, Intern

OTZMA, ten-month volunteer/leadership program in Israel

Aug 2010 — June 2011

  • Evaluated community’s educational needs; developed an after-school program for ten at-risk children.
  • Taught 60 children conversational English at a local elementary school, inspiring them to love the language.
  • Mentored at-risk and autistic teenagers in a local high school and at an after-school recreational center.


Tech Elevator – .Net Web Application Development Bootcamp

The .NET Web Application Development Bootcamp is a 14-week program that is designed to equip students with the knowledge to develop dynamic web-based software systems using the Microsoft .NET platform. Students will gain an understanding of the foundational computer science concepts and theory necessary for a junior software developer, but special emphasis will be placed on practical application, techniques, and tools.

September 2018 to December 2018 in Cleveland, OH

Lehigh University – Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Major in Political Science, Minor in Mass Communications

May 2010 in Bethlehem, PA

Semester Abroad – School for International Training

Reconciliation and Development Program (inequality, discrimination, and political violence)

January 2009 — May 2009 in Durban, South Africa


Proficient administrator and trainer of Salesforce, Zoho, Asana, Drupal, WordPress, and Google Apps Admin platforms.