I’ve been trying to figure out good side projects. Here’s what I have in mind:

Gitting my site up to date (done).

  1. Migrated my website from A Small Orange to Linode. I might go into my reasoning in another post.
  2. Reread the first few chapters of Pro Git, which is required by Tech Elevator before I start on Monday.
  3. Pushed my local version of the site to GitHub for the first time in a while.
  4. My “migration” was a simple drag-and-drop of the files, I wanted it to actually, ya know, work… so after quite a bit of trial and error, I set up Jekyll on my new server.
  5. I added an alias in my .bashrc to pull from GitHub and build with Jekyll:
alias gitjekyll="git pull origin master && jekyll build"

Learn algorithms

I struggled in school with learning how algorithms work because algebra and calculus have never come easy to me.

So, in addition to Tech Elevator, I’m going to do some Kahn Academy courses:

Then try to apply that knowledge with few different resources:

The questions I’m starting with:

  • How do you determine the correct algorithm to use?
  • How do you know if an algorithm is inefficient and should be replaced?
  • How do you identify an algorithm that you’ve already seen?
  • What the heck is big-O notation?

Documenting my work

While I’ll never be a math-whiz, maybe I can better understand logarithms and linear algebra. Although I’ve been told that “If you do database stuff, you’re already inherently dealing with linear algebra and matrix operations” – maybe it’s just a matter of understanding what I already know!

Throughout the process, I’ll try to document my progress here, sharing what I’m learning. I learn best by teaching others, so maybe it’ll help.