As of today, I’ve relaunched my site to be a bit prettier and much more functional on the backend, and much simpler on the front-end. All in all, it feels great to complete this mini-project.

I changed up the fonts, added a new background image and made the site more mobile-friendly. I adopted Yahoo’s PureCSS for some of the functionality, and will continue to grab from their toolkit as I add new aspects to the site.

The biggest change I made was a move from Wordpress to Jekyll, a tool that generates generates static sites from Markdown files. I like WordPress a lot, but I’ve gotten tired of managing the security holes that seem to pop up every two weeks. Jekyll will let me get back to hand-coding my site like I’ve always enjoyed doing.

Lastly, I put the entire site up on Github, because Git rules, and for some reason I haven’t actually posted any of my work on Github until now. I should get on that…