In this post Felicia Day talks about Gamer Gate, her fears, and her love of gaming and it is one of the more powerful and personal pieces I’ve read on the entire subject. Well worth the read.

FYI not long after she posted this she was doxxed. (Personal info often including location was shared publicly).

I consider her a geek idol and it’s terrible to see her, and others scared to be who they are online and in person. Wishing for this harassment to stop isn’t enough, we need to fundamentally change geek culture so that attacks like these are unacceptable and don’t happen to begin with. That means guys like myself can’t stand on the sidelines anymore either. It means supporting women in tech during not only the bad times like now, but when things seem ok; when subtle (or not so subtle) sexism is holding women back from being able to pursue their passions.

I realize I have a lot to learn about the subject, and I hope you’ll learn with me.