What’s the best way to create jobs?

Startups! … according to a Kauffman Foundation study. That study is now the basis for the Federal Government’s new effort called Startup America Partnership to encourage job growth by scaling startups.

Today at Shaker LaunchHouse, Alex Gold spoke to a packed house about Startup America Partnership, and how LaunchHouse members can benefit from the resources available.

Alex Gold, Special Projects for Startup America Partnership

Alex Gold, Special Projects for Startup America Partnership presents to LaunchHouse members

For those who don’t know about LaunchHouse it’s basically the most badass thing to come to Cleveland in a long time:

LaunchHouse is a lean new public-private partnership that fosters entrepreneurial success and job creation through seed capital, education and innovation. This Northeast Ohio organization connects new entrepreneurs with proven business leaders in a grassroots, for-profit model that can be successfully replicated nationwide.

Let’s spice up that corporate-speak:

What happens when you gut a car-dealership, and throw in a ton of funky office equipment? You get LaunchHouse — an extraordinary place for entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate, learn from one-another, and raise capital. A dynamic and somewhat crazy environment where you feel creative just by walking through the door. It houses everything from the makers of tasty healthy snack bars to medical innovators to a network for sharing class notes and everything in between.

And it’s for those reasons exactly that as of this morning I am officially a member of the LaunchHouse community. I can think of no better place in Cleveland to do my job search — surrounded by people doing awesomely interesting stuff.

Anyway… back to Startup America Partnership.

The government’s new effort was launched only yesterday and LaunchHouse members have all been pre-approved. It’s a way to connect startups to nearly $10 billion dollars in resources ranging from 50% off all Google Adwords to $200 million dollars in investment by Intel and Facebook training done by Facebook itself.

They’ll offer some sort of mentorship (how that’ll work is still being figured out), and they’re soliciting ideas of how to do the Ohio branch. Startup Ohio will reflect the needs here at home. Since it’s still in the planning stages there’s a lot of room for Ohio entrepreneurs to get involved.

The goal is to scale some startups like LivingSocial which has grown significantly since it was founded. Gold said that the result will be threefold: “jobs, jobs and more jobs”.