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Hamba kahle Madiba

Nelson Mandela

My ability to write publicly, for anyone to read, is a freedom I hope never to take for granted.

Nelson Mandela, the hero and inspiration for millions passed away this week.

It is never my custom to use words lightly. If twenty-seven years in prison have done anything to us, it was to use the silence of solitude to make us understand how precious words are and how real speech is in its impact on the way people live and die.

Closing Address, 13TH International AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa, 14 July 2000

I wonder how Madiba’s passing will affect the political climate in South Africa, a country I know and love.

Jews, Cigars and Mojitos

El Patronato Synagogue

Gotta love ‘em

I love the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Joint, JDC. Why? Because they’re awesome. I don’t mean awesome as in what a surfer dude might say. I mean that the JDC fills me with awe. Jaw-dropping awe.

The JDC is responsible for millions of dollars worth of Tikkun Olam every year — providing aid to Jews and non-Jews in need, in more than 70 countries.

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Ethiopian Airlines Time Machine

For the past three months I have been volunteering twice a week with the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades at Dkalim School in the Valley of the Springs. I work with the kids on conversational English; if they were speaking in English, I didn’t much care what the topic of conversation was. It was a lot of fun for me, and maybe it’s because I took them out of their regular class, but the kids seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I even have a few thank you cards to prove it.

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My Ideal Leadership Conference

Over 400 “young leaders” from Jewish communities around the globe attended Masa’s Building Future Leadership (BFL) conference. Masa did a brilliant job in their first attempt at a week-long leadership conference, and my hat goes off to them. One thing that struck me during the conference: I really wasn’t the target demographic. So for the heck of it, I’ve decided to dream up what BFL could have been, if it had been designed with me in mind.

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